Lead Medicals

Do you feel tired and get headaches often? Have you been working in a company that leads you with exposure to lead? Were you in search of health surveillance that has flexible timings and minimal charges? Look no further because Zosh Occupational is here with the best Lead Medicals.

What Are Lead Medicals?

According to Work Regulations 2020, statutory medicals are required by law. This medical is restricted for work that involves high hazards. Lead is one of the poisonous metal that is also included in the list. To keep the employees safe an assessment is carried out by a doctor from HSE. Therefore, all employees need to carry out health surveillance from time to time to stay safe and healthy.

In short, Lead Medicals is a blood test that measures the level of lead present within an individual’s body. Along with a blood report, a questionnaire is filled by an HSE doctor who approves the employee fit for work. The whole process takes less than thirty minutes and should be done annually.

Why Worry If Working With Lead?

Working with products that involve minute amounts of lead can build up in the body. The gradual building up of toxic chemical substances can lead to temporary and permeant changes. Lead can cause temporary adverse effects such as headache, nausea, tiredness, constipation, and irritability that greatly affect everyday performance.

Lead can be inhaled, ingested, and absorbed through the skin. With the entry in blood, it circulates around the body and most of the time accumulates in the bones. However, ingestion of lead without knowing its exact amount in the body can further cause memory problems, infertility, nerve damage, and even kidney disease.

It is also unsuitable for pregnant women as it’s known to cross the placental barrier.

To avoid the buildup of lead in the body, blood lead medicals is essential from time to time. And for those checkups, there is no better option than Zosh Occupational Health. A lead blood level check will be run, along that, a paper-based review will be made by HSE appointed doctor. All of this process would take only a few minutes. After that, you can walk back home with a smile. Incase, fairly high levels are seen in the blood time to time checkups help in prompt treatment of the rising disease. Don’t worry, we at Zosh will handle everything with you!

Who Is At Risk?

If you are working as a painter, you must be knowing it involves a minute amount of lead. From time to time, you are required to run tests for ensuring the lead levels in the blood. Zosh is here to check you in less than thirty minutes and prepare a complete report about your health.

Other professions that have exposure to leads and require lead medicals include artists, auto repairers (working with car batteries), construction workers, miners. Those involved with ammunitions example police officers, and even company workers such as those producing Rubber could be at risk.

What Should An Employee Do?

If you are working with Lead, the first and foremost job is to access risk. Depending on a high to low-risk job take necessary control measures but don’t miss out on protective clothing and personal hygiene. The next very important task is to run routine checkups for lead medicals. This is a safety measure as well as a legal obligation.

Why Choose Zosh?

When I say Zosh is the best, it has certain reasons behind it. Zosh offers the best lead medicals because it has minimal charges and can fit you in a time slot of your choice. With flexible timings, you can catch up with us in the late evenings too. More importantly, the appointment is just a matter of a few minutes. After this, you are good to go with your health report. We have the best UK doctors that will give you the best possible advice on your current health conditions. 

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