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Industry Fitness Medicals

Under UK legislation, employers are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. Occupational Health team provides advise to employers regarding adjustments and restrictions at work. We provide occupational health services to ensure you’re meeting your statutory requirements. We assist employers with industrial assessments such as: safety critical medicals, railway assessments, fire fighter assessments, HGV medicals, Offshore medicals and more. Please choose and BOOK APPOINTMENT from the following options or CALL US if you need more help to decide which service is best suited to your requirements.



OGUK -Standard Offshore Medical

(Available at ALL our offices.)

This is the standard offshore medical fitness assessment which is required for all offshore workers. Appointment is booked for 45 minutes. You will need to present valid form of identity as Driver;s licence or Passport. Assessment includes health questionnaire, relevant physical examination, Vision check, audiology, spirometry and urine check.

An image of an offshore large oil rig


OGUK – Fitness to Train Medical- FTT

(Available at ALL our offices.)

This is an additional OGUK fitness certificate which is required for survival course trainees for in-water training exercises with compressed-air emergency breathing apparatus (EBS). This assessment will classify trainees as either ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ for in-water EBS training as simply as possible. It is understood that examinees found unfit for in-water EBS training will likely be permitted to complete survival training by ‘dry’ EBS training exercises only. This is 45 min appointment that includes Health Questionnaire, clinical examination and if needed, spirometry.

A navy seal in scuba equipment above the water


OGUK- Emergency Response Team Duties- ERT (Includes Chester Step test)

(Available at ALL our offices.)

This is an additional OGUK fitness certificate required for Emergency Response Team members. Higher level of fitness is required for this role to fulfil a range of duties including firefighting, assisting with a controlled platform evacuation and casualty search and rescue. This assessment takes 60 minutes and includes health Questionnaire, physical examination, and Chester Step test.

A photo of four equipt firefighters standing against two fire trucks in a station


RUK Medical / Wind turbine Medical (Includes Chester Step test)

(Available at ALL our offices.)

This is a high- level fitness assessment for Wind Turbine workers. This 60 minutes Assessment includes health questionnaire, physical examination, vision check, hearing check, spirometry, urine check and aerobic capacity assessment through Chester step testing.

Two Windmill engineers monitoring a construction site


Diving medical

(Available at Preston and Lancaster)

Under the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 all divers at work must have a valid certificate of fitness to dive issued by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED). This 60-minute assessment includes health questionnaire, physical examination, vision check, audiology, spirometry, urine check and aerobic capacity measurement – chester step test.

A picture of a scuba diver swimming along the sea floor next to coral

£160 (renewals)

£200 (initial assessment)


Safety Critical Medicals-Construction worker/ Working at height/ crane medicals/ forklift medical

(Available at ALL our offices.)

Safety critical task is a risk assessed activity which may pose a risk for health and safety of operator or others at work. Specific health standards are defined for such tasks by HSE and CBH. This 45 minutes medical assessment includes health questionnaire, physical examination, vision check, hearing check, spirometry and urine check.

A close up photo of a man in the cabin of a tower crane


Asbestos medical—for licensed and non-licensed work.

(Available at Preston & Lancaster.)

For employees working with asbestos, there is adequate clinical evidence to support likely risk for chronic lung disease, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Control of asbestos at work regulations 2012 requires employees to undergo periodic health checks to detect early signs of chronic lung disease and to prevent further damage. This 45-minute assessment is done by HSE appointed doctor for asbestos medicals and includes health questionnaire, physical examination and spirometry.

fire fighters putting out a fire from a gas leak occuring at a valve of a pipe


HAVS Tier 1-4

(Available at Preston, Lancaster & Chorley.)

Vibration exposure from hand held vibrating tools is accepted as a risk for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and therefore HSE recommend periodic checks for employees working with hand help vibrating tools. This 60 min assessment includes health questionnaire, physical examination, Perdue ped board testing, sensation check, dynamometer grip testing.  

A close up image of a man in uniform, at work drilling.

Tier 1/2 – £45

Tier 3 – £145

Tier 4 – £220


Ill health retirement 

(Available at Preston & Lancaster.)

Sometimes if all reasonable adjustments fail and people are too ill to continue working, under specific pension rules, they are entitled to access their pension funds early. We are experienced in offering medical assessments and advise in relation to ill health retirement under various pension schemes including Local Government Pension Scheme, Railway Pensions, Teachers Pension, NHS pensions, BAE pensions. We would require the specific pension scheme criteria to be able to advise on any other pension scheme if assessment is requested.

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Paper based assessment – £150

Face to face or telephone based assessment – £220



HSE Lead medicals

(Available at Preston, Lancaster, Chorley)

Working with Lead in the long term can cause lead poisoning. This is a disabling illness which may cause temporary or permanent physical or cognitive damage. It is therefore a requirement under control of lead at work regulations that all employees working with lead should have periodic medical assessments to prevent health effects. This includes lead blood levels on a face to face assessment with a nurse and then paper based review with HSE appointed doctor for lead medicals.  

An extremely close up photo of a bullet point list on paper.  £90 BOOK APPOINTMENT

Management referral–Case management/ Adjustment advise, fitness for work assessment/ pre-employment checks/ sickness absence management

(Available at all our offices)

With years of experience in supporting people from various professional backgrounds, we have developed a good understanding of different workplace settings. This has allowed us to provide high quality, professional advice tailored to individual cases. We are experienced in dealing with management referrals from healthcare industry, social and community care services, county council, Railway industry, British Transport police, Highways England, Retail providers, warehouses as well as from corporate services. We can offer full range of assessments including Pre-employment health checks, Fitness assessments and adjustments advice, Sickness absence management and Complex case management.

A portrait of a happy woman sitting at a desk working from her laptop.

Telephone based assessment – £200

Face to face or video-consultation – £240




 NHS Support Service

(Available at all our offices.)

This service is specially tailored to support our local NHS Occupational Health service meet their KPIs. Please call us for more information. 45 minutes telephone based or face to face assessments are arranged to share the burden of NHS OH clinics.  

Doctor at work, close up of male doctor typing on a laptop.


Large Occupational Health Provider support service 

(Available at all our offices)

Specially reduced rates are tailored to support Large OH service providers with their workload through our clinics. Please contact our team for more information. 

A close up of patient and doctor taking notes.